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deviation in storage by HikaruJen


PC :: Now I Know by darkangel-hikari
PC :: Now I Know
:bulletred: Point commission for :iconladytoothless: :bulletred: 

Ralf/Robert Jurgen from Team Europe/The Majestics, and her OC Kate, in G-Rev (in her story, so yeah). It took a while, but these two finally figured out that they need to be together (?), to make a long story short :meow: 

Oh mah gosh Bella, apologies again for taking too long on this :iconotlplz: Buuuut as I'd already told you, or hinted at, I wanted to make sure the pose worked. ^^; 

I could rant about how the background refused to cooperate, but eh. I'm just happy the happy couple in the middle turned out fine :D 

As with other point commissions, only the person who commissioned this can re-post it, and use as needed. For all others, standard license applies

Info on point commissions here

Ralf Jurgen (c) Aoki Takao, Shogakukan Inc., TV Tokyo 
Katerina Valkov (c) LadyToothless 
Art (c) ME [darkangel-hikari]
PComm : Just Us Two : by darkangel-hikari
PComm : Just Us Two :
:bulletred: Point commission for VictoriaRZepeda :bulletred: 

She asked me for a cel-shaded pic of her OC Victoria and Ootori Tsubasa, spending time together after a Beybattle (if I remember the details right plus I'm too lazy to check the note whoops), so...they're supposed to be outside of the Beystadium...? 

Victoria-san, I know you asked for a waist-up, BUT since it's nearly Christmas, I decided (spontaneously) to upgrade it to a full-body pic. :meow:

Wonky background (the bench especially) is wonky. Also, since this is fanart, I know it should be

Note for commissions: Only the commissioner has access to the high-res version of this picture, and may use (and re-post) as they see fit. For all other parties, the Creative Commons license stands as is. 

Commission info can be found in this journal :pointr: Random Stuff + point commission sample pics" (although the art list hasn't been updated ^^; )

Ootori Tsubasa (c) Takafumi Adachi et. al. 
Victoria (c) VictoriaRZepeda
Art (c) ME [darkangel-hikari]
BB :: Car Craziness :: by darkangel-hikari
BB :: Car Craziness ::
:bulletred: For BeyArMaMo 2014~! :bulletred: 

:iconkaifacepalmplz: I finished this sometime last night after I went out with some peeps from work, but I wasn't able to post it 'til now (and I was out practically the whole day OTL ) 

ANYway... BAMM Day 31-!

This is just a small sampling of the craziness that went on in my Kai's car, when he ferries himself and friends to and from outings (yes, Team BBA/the Bladebreakers and The B-Boys going on outings); I swear, there must be something in that vehicle that makes people act kooky :XD:  

KaiRei fans might get a kick out of the 2nd strip haha. I wanted to draw the reflection in the mirror from a different angle, 'cause Kai was supposed to give Bryan the "are you serious?" look. Buuut Kai's hair might get in the way of showing Bryan's face, soooo :XD: lol yes, Kai is protective of teammates. And prolly his car :lmao: 

I also wanted to 'go out with a bang' for my first foray into BAMM, but...I didn't want to use up all my ideas in one go :XD: 

Characters (c) Aoki Takao et. al. 
Art (c) ME [darkangel-hikari]
BB :: Making Maki :: by darkangel-hikari
BB :: Making Maki ::
:bulletred: For BeyArMaMo 2014~! :bulletred: 

BAMM, Day 30. 

What happens when Kai and Bryan make maki-zushi? This.

I will never get over this scene from my college days, nope. :XD: I miss my Beyblade college buds ;A;  

Also, the print on the aprons was inspired by a piece of Achiru-et-al's, though I came up with my own sayings/quotes/whatev. 

Characters (c) Aoki Takao et. al. 
Art (c) ME [darkangel-hikari]
BB :: Virgin? by darkangel-hikari
BB :: Virgin?
:bulletred: For BeyArMaMo 2014~! :bulletred:

For BAMM, Day 29.

I did say I was planning something different :XD: Yes, those kooky comic strips, this time in color~ :D  I swear, this idea has been sitting around since...2009 or 2010, when it actually happened with me and my friends. Come on, how else would I get these crazy scenes? :lmao:

Bryan's line was the highlight, I swear. "I will leave the virgins IN THE TRASH!!" :rofl:

Tala isn't used to the heat, so he's in a tank top. Bryan can deal with it, apparently. =P  And Virgin Cola, yes XD; or whatever it actually is called now. I kinda miss it, since I can't find it anywhere here in my hometown

I think I might need to adjust the layout, like put Part 1 on the left, Part 2 on the right, since my word bubbles are going in that direction, anyway ^^; Now I'm wondering if it needs a mature content thing >///>  

Ah well. *checks visibility of word bubbles and stuff*

Characters (c) Aoki Takao et. al.
Virgin Cola (c) Virgin Drinks and licensed manufacturers
Art (c) ME [darkangel-hikari]
Long story short, this side project of mine isn't art-related; rather, I've been collating the data I could find from various Beyblade sites (most notably the Beyblade Wikia and World Beyblade Organization) into a single database. The basic spreadsheet separates the beys into four types - attack, defense, endurance, and balance/combination. The more detailed spreadsheets focus on the different parts - from attack rings, weight disks, spin gears, and blade bases - and observations on the pros and cons for each, both according to the aforementioned info sites and my own observations (when applicable), as well as old notes I'd jotted down in high school (and managed to dig up XD; ) 

And now you know where Kei and Katou get their Beyblade info XD

It started with Bobby asking me to help out with the Beyblade creation process by giving him a list of the Beyblades (from first to third season) categorized according to type, but...the perfectionist in me decided to go the extra mile to include the individual parts. It's been a little under a week since I started, I think, but the past few days I'd only worked on the database for maybe...thirty to forty minutes at a time; still, I'm at practically the halfway point, so this should be done in two to three more days. 

This is why I'm again not posting art whoops.

ANyway...if any of my watchers involved in Bobby's "Scattered" project need help with their OCs' Beyblades, just drop me a line - I'd be glad to help! :nod: 
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